Iso–Hop Pellets

Cylindrical pellets made from dried, milled and pressed leaf hops; most of the alpha acids in these pellets have been converted to iso-alpha acids


Iso-Pellets are a hop product added to the wort kettle during the boiling process. They offer a higher yield as a result of pre-isomerization of the alpha acids during the production process. Iso-merization is induced by adding a small amount of food-grade MgO during processing followed by warm storage of the packaged pellets.

Iso-Pellets can replace conventional bittering and aroma products without impacting beer quality. Substantial cost savings are possible with pre-isomerized hop products. In addition, isomerized pellets have a long shelf life.



Dull Green
Alpha Acids
1 – 25 %
Beta Acids
1 – 14 %
Hop Oil
0.2 – 7 ml/100g
Moisture Content
7 – 9%

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