Lupulin Powder

Mechanically purified hop powder


Lupulin Powder is a hop product added to the wort kettle during the boiling process. It contributes to the desired bitterness of a beer as well as its characteristic hop aroma.

Lupulin Powder is suitable for use on the cold side (dry hopping) of the brewing process. It imparts a pronounced hop aroma to beer. Moreover, the high concentrations of alpha acids and hop oil in this product are advantageous for breweries adding large quantities of hops in the whirlpool.

Through the enrichment of bitter acids and essential oils, transportation and storage costs are lower for Lupulin Powder. Furthermore, beer losses can be reduced.



Yellow / Green
Alpha Acids
6 – 35 %
Beta Acids
5 – 20 %
Hop Oil
2 – 10 ml/100g
Moisture Content
6 – 9%

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